Sapat: rubber moulded items

Sapat is a family business established by Giuseppe Bolla after the war, when Italy was gaining momentum in the production and economic field.

The company has come to the fourth generation in the management of the production activity, always centred on rubber technical items moulding.


The company is currently run by me, Maria Teresa Bolla.

I have been breathing the rubber smell since the day I was born and, after the high school, I started to collaborate with my father in the company running.  I carried on with my collaboration also during the university years until I took up a managerial role.

Over the past decade I have been almost totally involved in the company and now I feel rewarded because I know I can run a business successfully.

Rubber items moulded upon customer’s drawing

Sapat manufactures and markets rubber moulded items, in particular for the automotive market.

The Turin-based company has been active since 1942 and its production has gradually specialized in high-tech items, such as safety parts for motor hydraulic braking systems, for which customer’s specifications and technical data sheets are stricter.

The combination between a production policy aimed at satisfying high quality requirements and the collaboration of a qualified staff has proved to be successful. Today Sapat manufactures products and complex technical parts such as lip gaskets, double-lip gaskets, cup gaskets, collar gaskets, toroidal rings, pump connections, disc brake rings and covers, dust hoods, vintage car bellows and gaskets.

The production process was certified in 2001, obtaining the approval by one of the most qualified plant manufacturers in Europe.


Rubber moulded items

Flexibility in terms of produced quantities and manufacturing times, as well as customization combined with high qualitative standards, have enabled Sapat to number big companies active in the automotive sector in Italy, Europe and South America among its customers.