Approved high-quality row materials

Approved high-quality row materials

What set us apart: equipment, quality row materials and specialized personnel.

The Sapat factory covers a surface of 1300 square meters, of which 1100 are reserved for rubber moulding.
At the company’s premises, in addition to sales-technical and administrative offices, laboratory and quality control office, there is also a moulds production workshop and the rubber processing and moulding departments: row materials storage, moulding, trimming, cutting, grinding, control, inspection and shipment.


Vertical and horizontal presses up to 300 tons with CNC production processing, injection and compression moulding, finishing systems with automated plants and final control guarantee that the company produces using approved high-quality row materials:

EPDM, SBR, NR, NBR, CR, HNBR, ACM, VQM and silicone.


A team of mould experts, selected over the years and specialized individually in a particular sector, design the moulds and the specific tools suitable for their production.
The constant investments in technologies and training enable us to manufacture rubber special parts that have excellent features and are economically convenient, improving the value for money and offering a comprehensive service for any requirement.